Natural remedy for colon cancer found in this “warm” TCM herb

The pharmacology of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is based on re-establishing balance to the body through various herbs and plants. “Warm” plants such as the Lycopus lucidus (known in TCM as ze lan) are typically prescribed to treat “cold” conditions such as cancer. A study published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine determined that ze lan plays a remarkable role in treating colon cancer by inhibiting the expression of various proteins related to metastasis.

  • Ground ze lan powder was dissolved in 1 ml of deionized distilled water.
  • This decoction was analyzed using various types of chromatography. These were used to determine the chemical composition of ze lan.
  • Researchers also examined the inhibitory effects of the decoction on colon cancer cells.
  • Results showed that ze lan prevented cancer cells from migrating and invading other cells. It must be noted that the decoction did not exhibit any effect on cell viability.
  • Specifically, ze lan was found to regulate the expression of Runx2 (Runt-related transcription factor-2) and MMP-9 (matrix metalloproteinase-9), two proteins that are recognized to contribute to the development of cancer and its progression.
  • The therapeutic effects of ze lan are dose-dependent.

Results of the study suggest that ze lan displays a powerful anti-metastatic effect.

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Journal Reference:

Kim K-Y, Oh TW, Ma J-Y, Park K-I. ETHANOL EXTRACT OF LYCOPUS LUCIDUS TURCZ. EX BENTH INHIBITS METASTASIS BY DOWNREGULATION OF RUNX-2 IN MOUSE COLON CANCER CELLS. Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine. 2018:1–8. DOI: 10.1155/2018/9513290

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