Herbs for the male reproductive system

There are many studies that explore the ins and outs of the female reproductive system, and the natural remedies used traditionally against its related health issues. In contrast, male reproductive issues have not been explored as extensively.

Herbalist and ethnobotanist David Winston, whose training spanned 32 years in Cherokee, Chinese, and Western herbal medicine, has made a list of herbs that can effectively treat, reverse, or prevent the symptoms of various male reproductive issues such as BPH, acute prostatitis, orchitis, impotence, sexual neurasthenia, etc. The following preparations are listed in tinctures. (h/t to AmericanHerbalistsGuild.com.)

Acute prostatitis

Acute prostatitis is a serious bacterial infection of the prostate gland. This condition is considered a medical emergency. The following herbs can help relieve and reverse the symptoms.

  • Black Willow aments (Salix nigra) — Tincture (1:5): 10 to 20 drops (gtt) every three hours is a natural remedy for irritation of the prostate, arising from excessive sexual desire.
  • Horsetail (Equisetum arvens) — Tincture (1:5): 20 to 30 gtt three times a day (TID) for acute prostatitis with stinging pains in the prostate or bladder; or blood in the urine or seminal fluid.
  • Kava root (Piper methysticum) — Tincture (1:5): 20 to 30 gtt TID for pain caused by prostatitis; also pain in the vas deferens, urethra, or epididymis.
  • Pipsissewa (Chimaphila umbellata) —  Fresh tincture (1:2): 30 to 40 gtt four times a day (QID) for frequent attempts to urinate with burning pain and dysuria.
  • Pulsatilla (Anemone spp.) —  Fresh tincture (1:2): two to three drops every four hours for acute inflammation of the prostate gland; alternate every two hours with Thuja.
  • Thuja leaf (Thuja occidentalis) — Fresh tincture (1:2): two to five drops every four hours for acute inflammation of the prostate gland; alternate every two hours with Pulsatilla.

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Impotence is a man’s inability to achieve an erection or orgasm. The following herbs may help relieve symptoms of stress-related impotence.

  • Cactus stem (Selenocereus grandiflorus) — Fresh tincture (1:2): one to two drops in a little water every two to three hours, for a natural remedy for impotence from nervous exhaustion; cardiac problems, anxiety; often combined with oats.
  • Damiana herb (Turnera spp.) — Tincture (1:5): 20 to 40 gtt TID as a mild sexual tonic, or remedy for mild depression or anxiety associated with loss of libido.
  • Green milky oats (Avena sativa) — Fresh tincture (1:2): three to five ml TID, for sexual neurasthenia, and impotence due to stress or exhaustion.
  • Hops strobiles (Humulus lupulus) — Tincture (1:5): 10 to 20 gtt every three to four hours, for nervous, brooding disposition; insomnia; and sexual irritation.
  • Saw Palmetto berries (Serenoa repens) —  Semi-fresh tincture (1:3): 10 to 20 gtt every three to four hours for sexual neurasthenia.

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) or chronic prostatitis

This condition is associated with older men. The following herbs help relieve irritation associated with BPH.

  • Alfalfa leaf (Medicago sativa) — One teaspoon of the herb, with eight oz. hot water; steep for 45 minutes, take four oz. QID to relieve prostatic irritation.
  • Black Willow aments (Salix nigra) —  Fresh tincture (1:2): 10 to 20 gtt every three hours for acute inflammation of the prostate with pain accompanying erection or ejaculation.
  • Corn silk (Zea mays) — Fresh tincture (1:2): 20 to 40 gtt repeated frequently for prostatic irritation, with inflammation of vas deferens or spermatic cord, and burning sensation when urinating.
  • Gravel Root (Eupatorium purpurea) — Tincture (1:5): 10 to 15 gtt in water every two hours for enlarged prostate with feelings of heat; difficulty urinating; cloudy urine or contains mucus.
  • Saw Palmetto berries (Serenoa repens) — Semi-fresh tincture (1:3): 20-30 gtt every three to four hours for prostatic enlargement and irritation, and difficulty urinating.

Treatments for other male reproductive issues

  • Aromatic Collinsonia (Collinsonia canadensis) — Fresh tincture (1:2): 20 to 30 gtt TID for varicocele (enlarged veins in the scrotum), and spermatorrhea (excessive, involuntary ejaculation), especially if accompanied by hemorrhoids.
  • Cleavers (Galium aparine) — Fresh tincture (1:2): three to five ml TID for epididymitis, and chronic inflammation of the spermatic cord or vas deferens.
  • Mullein leaf (Verbascum thapsus) — Reduce testicular swelling with a compresses of a strong infusion of mullein.

Other more commonly known herbs such as ginseng, horny goat weed, and maca help increase men’s libido and assist in erectile dysfunction, as reported in Austrialian Natural Care. (Related: Boost male fertility with the right foods.)

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